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8 Great Tips for House-Hunters

Buying a home? These eight tips can help make your house-hunting experience positive and rewarding.

First Time Home Buyers;
High ratio or conventional financing, things you really should know.

Do you want to buy a home now instead of waiting for years to save the 25 percent down payment that Canadians have traditionally considered ideal? Many first-time buyers now opt to accelerate their entry into the housing market by carrying a larger mortgage -- with the federal government's endorsement.

Narrowing Down Your Home Search

It's an enviable position in which to find oneself, but it happens. You're approaching the end of your home search, and you're torn between two or more homes. The major deciding factors ...

Is a Home a Good Investment?

For those wanting a steady return on their money, houses can to be a sure bet. When the baby boomers started madly buying houses in the 1980s, suddenly real estate seemed like the path to instant wealth...

Buyer's Tips

Five (5) more tips that you should take into account when preparing to buy a new home.

Renting vs. Buying, Which Is Better?

One thing is for sure; we all know that we need a roof over our head. In most people's case they end up having to pay either Rent for this roof or a Mortgage payment, unless of course you have a rich family that can offer you FREE or Reduced Rent. The point is, we ALL have to pay for a roof over our heads.

You Can Buy a Home With No Money Down!

Is there such a thing as a No Down Payment Mortgage? There is now a product available from major lenders that allow you to purchase a house with no down payment. There are also lenders that will give you up to 5.2% cash-back on the closing.

Ten Low-cost Ideas to Make Your Home More Saleable

It's the little things as well as the big things that count when you are selling your home. You never know what will capture a buyer's fancy and what will turn them off. Most buyers predictably respond to the same things - clean, clutter-free homes in good repair. Your agent may have already suggested that you paint the house, or that you do some major repairs. Those are big ticket items, but what can you do on a small scale to get your home ready to compete on the market?

8 Common Mistakes Most Home Sellers Make

A list of common mistakes that are made by people trying to sell their home. See where others have gone wrong and learn from their mistakes.

14 Facts To Consider Before Trying To Sell Your Own Home

Occasionally, one can see "For Sale By Owner" signs, and some owners think that selling their own home will not only save them money, but believe they have an advantage over the sellers that have their home listed by a reputable RealtorĀ©. Before you decide to take on this very important and legally complicated process...remember not even most Real Estate Lawyer's recommend selling your own home yourself in today's market. Here are a few of the reasons why: